2000 – Zoom Magazine Photoshoot

On Tuesday December 12th I received the following email….“… recieved a phone call yesterday from Zoom Magazine. They would like to do an article on pre-AU XR8 falcons. Apparently they are doing a 3 page spread, and want a couple of cars from our club. I am volenteering my EF, Jeff is volenteering his white EL2, and we were wondering if you would be interested in having your ED in it as well..”At first I thought it was a joke, but after I called a few people I realised it was for real.
Jeff’s EL2, Tim’s EF and my ED
The Next day, I received a SMS…
“..the photo shoot has been bought forward to tomorrow at 4pm… Is this still ok? From Tim…”I quickly organised a shift swap, and rang VIP car care to book in for my car to get detailed. Luckily they had one person available in the area, and he was booked to clean my car in the Thursday morning.
The day of the photo shoot was a pretty busy day. The guy from VIP arrived bright and early at 7am to clean my car, and he spent HOURS working on it, making sure it looked immaculate. He finally finished just after 1pm.
I had a lot of stuff to do before 4pm, and somehow managed to fit it all in, and by 3:50pm I was down at Zoom Magazine head office.

Who’s got a nice ass??
15 litres of Fun!!
By 4pm everyone had arrived, so we where taken to the photo shoot location.
We spent a lot of time positioning our cars, turning on lights, turning off lights, turning on blinkers, and making our cars look ‘pretty’.
We had to do quite a few different shots – Front, Back, Engine bays, and interiors.
I had heaps of fun. I was running around taking photo’s with my digital camera the whole time.By 5:30pm it was all finished, and it was time for me to go to work.
Bow down and worship the Power.
Who let that strange looking person on the set?
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