2008 – Historic Winton

23rd – 25th May , 2008

I headed up to Winton on Friday the 23rd. Actually managed to find my way to the caravan park in the dark (not a bad effort – the last time I went to the caravan park was 2 years ago).

I arrived to find the cabin half full of alcohol, as the others had spent the day going to all the wineries in the area.

Saturday morning was an early start. I jumped into Boof’s new jellybean, oops – I mean car… and we headed into the track. I was working with the Lb sports class. Was pretty cruisy except for 1 guy who argued with me cos I knocked back his gloves (they were cheap looking leather gloves, and not proper race gloves with a standard on them). I caught up with Rally Katty, and had a good drool over her fathers 3 wheeler that he was racing in regularity class.

Saturday night, I was in bed by 8:45pm!!! (I guess the walking around the track all day took its toll on me). I woke up bright and early on Sunday morning, packed the car up, and headed back to the track. I spent a lot of time admiring the mustangs (cant wait for mine to arrive).

I ended up getting an early mark, and heading home an hour early. Which worked out OK, as I had time to stop in at a mates place in Melbourne, and get a very much needed service on my Fairmont.

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