2003 – Bathurst 24HR – Mount Panorama

Thursday November 20th 2003.

It was an early start this morning. I packed up the mighty Fairmont, and headed out to Bathurst just after 6am. Didn’t take me long to get to bathurst.

I went to the accreditation centre, picked up my passes and gear, and headed over to find my campsite. (Yes – I slept in the back of the wagon again).

I spent the day checking the Porsche cup cars, the BRute utes, and the cars in the 2HR showdown. At about 6pm we headed up to the camp sites, and my phone rang. It was Lisa from the E Series owners club saying she was at the gate. I headed down and gave her a free ticket, and then got changed before heading up the mountain to a house for a party.

The guys from team Cirtek (a German team) were having a small party / BBQ / fireworks display and had invited me and a couple of others when we had been speaking to them earlier.. It was an awesome house – a 4 car garage, 2 car carport and a huge 2 story mansion, tennis court, plus an awesome view too.

After they let off the fireworks, we headed down to the camp site, I scored a lift down in the back of a passing ute, and arrived just in time to beat the rain.

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Friday November 21st 2003.

a 5am wake up for me again today. Again another day of “hot and sticky” one minute – pouring rain the next minute. At about 5pm I was exhausted from working all day, so I decided to go back to the car for a rest (put my feet up, listen to some music, and have a nice cold drink)… I though “I might just lay down for a minute…” next thing I knew – my phone was ringing – and it was 7pm. Ooops.

I worked till about 10:30 and then decided to head back to the car for some sleep. Just after 11pm, I had a knock on the window – the pizza that we had ordered for 7pm had finally arrived, and the guys bought some up for me. Unfortunately I was allergic to it, and couldn’t eat any. (doh!!)

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 Saturday November 22nd 2003.

I had planned on waking up at 6am today, but at 5:30 I was awoken due to the car being rocked back and forth (thanks guys!!) I headed down for my 6:30am – 10:30am shift on pit lane.

After my shift was finished I did a bit looking around, and some shopping. There wasn’t too many merchandise stands, which was good for my wallet.

I was back on pit lane again at 6:30pm, till 10:30pm. We were given sexy high vis vests to wear (yes I am being sarcastic) and sent out to the pits, with a list of 12 cars each to monitor!!. I found a nice little hidey hole to sit in (inside the alloy stair case they use for people to get over the wall just before the start of the race). I thought it was pretty good that the big screen tv’s were showing the world cup. Although I am not a football fan, everyone else seemed to appreciate it.

There wasn’t too many problems (only had to go up to race control once) and then at 10:30 I headed off to meet Lisa from the E Series club (unfortunately she forgot her pass and couldn’t get into the pits, and by the time she did get it, I was in bed) 🙁

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Sunday November 23rd 2003.

Yay – I had a sleep in today. I slept through the torrential rain, I slept through the noise of the cars zooming around and didn’t wake up till about 9am. I opened my eyes and though “whats wrong ??” then I realised it was quiet. The safety car was out. hehe

Had a shower, got dressed and headed down to the pits to have a wonder around before heading over to the scrutineering bay.

Didn’t have much to do, so I went for a walk around and chatted to a few of the teams. I knew the crew from team morgan and spent a bit of time with them and even got a nice autographed poster of the car (signed by the drivers). After pinching a few apricots from them, I headed back to the scrutineering bay to get ready for the end of the race. I had to help direct the cars into the parc ferme, and then help ensure nothing on the cars was touched.

After all the testing was done, I took a few pics and then headed home – so I could sleep in my OWN BED!!

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