2001 – Wakefield Park – Honda Club

Today I went to Wakefield Park (Goulburn NSW) for the Honda Car Club Driver training day. I arrived in Goulburn at 8:00am. It was FREEZING and the fog was bad. really poor visibility.

When I got out the track, I went to the start line, and couldn’t see either end of the straight – the fog was just too thick

I then went over to scruiteneering. This was the most strict scruiteneering I had ever been through.. When I pulled into the bay, my car was surrounded by about 5 people to check my car. EVERYTHING was checked. They where really thorough. Luckily I passed, and was allowed to go out.

We didn’t hit the track until just after 11am (when the fog lifted). Instructor Jol jumped in my car to show me the ropes. .When Jol got my car slightly sideways around the 2nd corner after the straight I got a little nervous.

The track wasn’t as scary as I thought it would be. Its all flat, with lots of wide open space, and if you come off the track there isn’t much that you can hit (except for grass and mud).

I actually did a bit better than I expected. I even overtook a car on the corner before the straight at the back!!.

One of the people who was watching said I was going really fast, and was “taking it hard”.

At 4pm I decided to go out for one last session. I didn’t realise at the time, but I must have got a little bit of oil on my tyres, cos I was finding it really hard to get any traction at all. It was like being on an ice rink. I was having a ball though.On my 6th lap, I hit the right hander at the end of the straight, and couldn’t get the car straightened up… I ended up with 2 wheels over the ripple strip and into the sand. ooops.. (it was scary, but fun). I decided to call it quits after that.

By the end of the day I was exhausted. I had heaps of fun, and will defiantly have to get back out to Wakefield park again soon, to have another go at it.

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