2001 – V8Supercars – GMC 400 Canberra

On Friday evening at around 6pm Tim and I met at Dave’s place, next stop was Jeff’s place and then we where on our way.

The traffic was REALLY heavy trying to get to campbelltown.. At one point our “XR Convoy” picked up a really nice Red EL XR8.. he cruised with us until he took the Camden exit.

We had to make a brief stop at Pheasants Nest Mobil so Dave could fill up, and then we set off again.

Once we got onto the freeway it was a pretty smooth drive. We hit a bit of rain around Golbourne, but it cleared up the closer we got to Canberra.

gmc1We all arrived at Tim’s sisters house at about 9:15. I then jumped into Dave’s car, and Tim got into Jeff’s car and we went on our way to try and find the ticket office for the GMC400 before it closed at 10pm. Unfortunately the directions we where given where to the gate we needed to go to the next morning to be let on site, and not the directions to the ticket office. So after 1 hour of driving around in circles, and stopping only once to ask directions, we finally found the ticket booth all closed and locked up for the night.

gmc2Jeff wasn’t in the best of moods, and took off  to find the hotel we has staying at (He was working as part of the pit crew for DP Racing – They have a 200SX in the GTP). Dave, Tim and I decided it was dinner time, and we went to get Macca’s. I then directed us back to Tim’s sisters house and managed not to get lost..Saturday morning, Tim had to get up bright and early to get the tickets and vehicle passes that Ford Motorsports had kindly given us, and while he was off doing that, Dave and I where washing our cars, in the freezing Canberra weather.


We turned up at the gates at about 9am, and waited around for a few more XR’s to arrive before going inside. A few of the locals turned up in there immaculate cars. There was a White EB XR8, a Green EL XR8, a Blown Blue EL XR8, and a gorgeous GT.

At one point in the day I decided I was gonna go for a walk around to try and find the Ford Display, and Dave and I set off. After 2 hours of walking, I hadn’t found the ford display, and Dave hadn’t found an ATM, and we where both exhausted.

By the end of that day there where 11 cars from the club on display.

gmc4Afterwards, we had to wait for Jeff to finish working on the 200SX before we could leave. (I had his car keys) We ended up waiting for about 1.5 hours for him.. Dave, Tim and I kept ourselves amused by torturing each other.

Sunday morning we slept in a little bit, only gave our cars a wipe down, and then headed down to the track. We had a few more cars on display.. Kon’s Sprint, a Chameleon Blue/Green EF XR8, and Mick’s TE Cortina.

Around midday we decided to walk over to the pits to say hi to Jeff. I decided to be lazy and let Jeff drive me back to the car club display site, and the others walked back. It wasn’t until Jeff and I reached his car that he realised he didn’t have his car keys. He made a quick call to a few of the people from DP Racing and soon learnt that his keys where in someone’s bag, and they where on there way to Sydney. About 30 mins later they got back and gave Jeff his keys.

gmc5At the start of the “Big Race” I decided to try and find the Ford display again. I did this time. There where some girls there handing out chocolate bars. I walked past them 3 times and ended up with 14 chocolate bars!!

Ford Ended up winning the event!! We where all really happy and left with big smiles on our faces.
gmc8 gmc7 gmc6


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