2001 – V8Supercar – Towing a Supercar to Melbourne

On Friday, I got home from work at 7:40, and managed to get some sleep before I woke up at midday to get packed and ready for the trip to Melbourne.

Timbo turned up at my place just after 3pm, and it wasn’t to long before Jeff turned up, towing the V8 Supercar we had to take to Calder Park. Jeff’s mate Greg from G-Force Motorsport had bought the car in May (Jeff, Tim and I had driven up the coast to pick it up on May 13th) and was eagerly awaiting its arrival in its new home at Calder Park.


The trip down was pretty good. No major drama’s or anything. When we stopped at Marulan and Yass there where a few people who where staring at the rather unusual site of a Commodore V8 Supercar being towed by a XR8.



We arrived in Albury at about 11pm, and decided to find somewhere to stay the night, instead of turning up at Calder park at about 3am and waiting for morning, before Greg turned up there. Jeff and I didn’t get too much sleep thanks to Timbo the buzz saw. At about 3am when he started snoring breathing in AND out, I yelled some
obscenities, and tried to smother him with the pillow. He did stop for about a whole minute, before starting up again. (He is EXTREMELY lucky that he still had his eyebrows when he woke up that morning)



We stopped at Maccas in Albury for breakfast. While we where there a group of people went over to have a sticky beak at the Commodore.

Jeff was getting all nervous. He didn’t like so many people crowded around the car (I don’t think he really cared about the commodore, it was most likely he was worried about them touching his precious XR8)

calder-2We arrived at Calder Park raceway around midday.. Greg and his mates came rushing out to see there new “baby”, which they are going to be using for their Drive Days.
They didn’t get to spend too much time making a fuss over the new addition to the family, as they had a Formula Ford to get finished. So Jeff and I left Tim to help work on that, while we went in search of lunch.




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